About - Kelly Amelia
  • Are you fed up of struggling to fit in your clothes and can’t find things that fit you right?
  • Do you find yourself trying on everything you own and still feel self conscious on a night out?

You probably know that getting fit, eating right will make you feel better, change your body shape and help you discover more confidence.

Unfortunately it’s not easy. You may have already tried a multitude of diets like weight watchers, the 5:2 diet, or Keto diet. You may have tried exercise classes or joining the gym but found them boring and demotivating.

I understand.

My name is Kelly Amelia and I help women just like you throw away their control knickers, start enjoying exercise and helping them discover more energy for day to day life.

It wasn’t always this way. I used to have really low self confidence, especially in my body. I really wanted to feel more comfortable in my own skin and for my clothes to compliment my body.

I fluctuated from crazy fad diets that left me with no energy and would make me weigh less in the short term. 

Until I gained it all back and found myself squeezing into my workout clothes. I struggled to find something that I enjoyed and that worked long term.

I joined gyms but found them boring and didn’t seem to get results, despite all of the sweat hard work.

I tried going to classes and really enjoyed the atmosphere, but found the instructors didn’t really understand my individual needs.

Why you should listen to me

  • I’ve been there and tried every nutrition plan out there and discovered simple, reliable strategies that actually work and make you feel better.
  • I like to make things simple so you don’t need to spend time feeling lost.
  • I stay up to date with the latest techniques so that I can help you better.
  • I will help you avoid mistakes to save you time and energy.
  • I’ve helped 100’s of women to look & feel better, and change the way they feel in their own skin.

I was so fed up of seeing women struggle, going round in circles and feeling the way I once did. I was so confused as every plan I tried was so difficult to get the results I wanted. I understood why women gave up which is why I was so passionate about helping others which led me to create the studio to put smiles back on members faces.

I am known to teach and educate women how to live a healthy lifestyle in the most simple and enjoyable way. I can show you how to make those effective changes to help you be happy and feel great again! I wanted to create a place where you could feel welcome and part of the family where everyone knows your name. All the members & instructors are so supportive which creates such a great environment. We specialise in smiles, laughter and results. 

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