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  • Are you ready to start losing fat, tone up and feel more confident?
  • Are you fed up with going round in circles and just want to feel happy with your body?

Our mission is to help women feel better about themselves and gain more confidence to live a happier, healthier life.

We help women get the results they want by helping them lose fat, get fitter and stronger.

We work with women in our exclusive studio located in Blackpool. We specialise in a mixture of Fitness Training, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks and Pole Fitness.

You will have your own easy & simple personal plan to follow. The FabU programme will help you to

  • Take control of your mindset allowing you to stay positive and motivated so that you keep going even if it gets tough.
  • Move more freely so you don’t feel stiff or hunched over all the time and your become leaner and more toned.
  • Show you how you can improve your recovery so that you have more productive days and more energy to feel unstoppable
  • Understand how to manage your emotions to avoid binges and help you get back on track when you have a little slip

The FabU programme is based around easy to follow strategies allowing you to enjoy exercising, and that you never feel like you are on a diet, or that you are having to restrict you lifestyle.

The FabU is a tried and tested system that has helped many women just like you. The most beneficial part of the programme is that you are surrounded by positive women that are here to support and help you, and allow for massive breakthroughs.

Benefits of the FabUprogram:

  • 1
    Have more energy
  • 2
    Lose Fat
  • 3
    Feeling fitter and stronger
  • 4
    Looking and feeling great!

We offer fitness training and wellness coaching to Blackpool ladies in our exclusive private training studio. We work with women on a 1-1 and small group basis.

If you would like to get started, book in a FREE coaching call to have a friendly chat and make a personal plan together.

Kelly Amelia

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