February 15

Not only have I gained strength, I’ve gained confidence


Before I started pole, I said what EVERYONE says.. “I have no upper body strength”. I couldn’t do a single spin, let alone a push up! Not only have I gained strength, I’ve gained confidence, a new body, a passion and more than that, I’ve gained the best friends! I’ve lost a total of 3 stone and completely changed my body shape and I owe it all to pole! I am so glad I went to that first class, years later and I’m still there loving it more and more. I started doing just pole and I now do aerial hoop and silks too. I feel like Kelly’s has really made me who I am today. Every single person at the studio is supportive.. the students, the tutors, the new members and the ones that are part of furniture, we all help each other. I know that if I’m having a bad day, the studio will make it better. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, I couldn’t imagine my life without that studio. It’s home to me and the doors always open ❤️

Catherine Murphy


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