What to wear

If you are trying pole please bring a pair of shorts with you and if you try either hoop or silks please wear long leggings with socks and leg warmers if possible.


Also please try not to wear any moisturiser as you will not grip to the pole or will slide on the hoop or silks.


Please remove any jewellery and wear gym clothing with trainers.

Age restrictions

Adult’s classes are 14+ with some exceptions due to instructors and types of classes. Some classes require age to be 18+ and some instructors are only qualified to teach 16+


Kid’s class are 6-13

Fitness Classes


From complete beginners to super advance this is the class for you. Each session is different and will challenge you in various ways. Anne’s goal is to develop your running skills to improve confidence, speed and stamina and to motivate you to want to run more. Look out for the running locations at reception.



A results based workout designed to challenge your body in many ways incorporating high intensity circuits using all the toys! Options for ALL abilities and prepare to sweat.


Ab Attack

Ever wanted to feel your abs burn? Then Ab Attack is for you! The ultimate ab workout that is designed to challenge your core like never before.



A classic Kettlebell session using compound functional exercises working multiple muscle groups simultaneously developing strength and endurance… Hard at first but you’ll soon get into the swing it.


Master Kettlebells

To attend this class you must have been to a kettlebells class before so you have an understanding of the basic moves, Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch, High Pull and Turkish Get Up. The reason for this is we expand on these movements challenging the body to move into multiple planes (sagittal, frontal and transverse). Once we have learnt the moves we then make a flow in order to create a routine to a song. Kettlebells are awesome for working the whole of your body and with this class you will definitely feel the burn the next day!


Sweat ‘n’ Shred

Want to try something different? This is where you can try things you might not have done before. This innovative class gives you the best of everything so you never know what to expect when you come to class. You will definitely be sweating in this class and doing fat burning exercises to shred that fat.



Intense boxing + HIIT = TurboBoxing! The ultimate Boxing and HIIT style workout challenges clients to hit their maximum. This super high-energy class is great for motivation, stress relief and to generate that feel good factor. Unleash your inner warrior!


Animal Flow

This class will improve your coordination by learning choreographed routines that make the hour fly by!


Suspension HIIT

Suspension Training is designed to maximise the effort with an exercise. You will do a mixture of suspension body weight exercises in a HIIT style class. ALL abilities welcome.


OCR Training

From the Spartan race to Tough Mudder this class helps you train and acquire the skills to get you prepared for any obstacle. Obstacle Course Training pushes you to new training heights, resulting in more calories burned, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism. Are you ready?


Booty Burn

Who wants a big booty? Tone up your legs and bum with this full session all on the lower body! This class will really make you feel the burn; you may have to Dig Deep! But hey, no pain no gain!



Energise is an energetic, highly motivating exercise class. Normally the session is split into 5-minute rounds with rest periods in between. This class is excellent for fat burning and increasing your fitness levels.


Boxfit Circuits

Boxing circuits is a multi stationed exercise class structured to improve overall fitness and strength. This class utilises weights and other pieces of equipment with glove and pad combinations.


Pure Strength

This is a muscle making strength training endurance building gun show getting session. Your gonna be going hard and heavy so come ready to release your inner she beast!


Hardcore HIIT

This is a total body heart pumping, high intensity, strength building, body beasting, hardcore session! Prepare to sweat!



Aerial Classes

Beginner Pole

Starting from the ground up, you will learn beginner pole spins and floor moves. You will be encouraged to practice on both sides its difficult at first but will definitely make you a better pole dancer.


Intermediate Pole

Its time to take your feet off the floor and start to introduce more challenging moves. This is a class to master those inverts and start exploring the world upside down!


Advance Pole

This class is the highest-level class; strive to achieve your best. Let the music move you and let the pole moves inspire you to achieve the very best you can be!


Beginner Hoop

As a beginner you will start on a lower hoop learning how to move into beautiful shapes and sequences, which can also be combined with spinning for a show of grace, strength, and beauty. Same as pole you will be encouraged to practice on both sides in order to make you better at Aerial Hoop.


Intermediate Hoop

Once you have learnt the basics of Aerial Hoop you can then move on to this class to continue to progress. Harder moves will be taught with combinations allowing the students to be able to experience more within the hoop.


Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is a beautiful, creative, and challenging art form that builds upper body and core strength, coordination, and confidence. Beginners will learn basic climbs, footlocks, hip keys, and sequences starting low to the ground. Knot and sling work will introduce inversions and wraps. More advanced students will learn beautiful transitions, sequences, and eventually drops on the aerial silks. Anyone with determination and a great work ethic can progress quickly in these classes.


Stretch it

A series of sports inspired stretches to help your flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture. The class is more beneficial if your body is already warmed up. A great plan for the end of any workout!


Pole/Hoop Jam

Do you have a move you want to improve on? I am sure you will have many! Prepare to master those spins and tricks as Pole/Hoop Jam is practice time!


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